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HumanaOne offers different plans to meet different needs. Our affordable dental insurance and vision plans are easy to understand and easy to purchase.

Dental Plans

HumanaOne Dental Preventive Plus

This dental PPO plan offers low deductibles, no copayments and provides 100% coverage for many preventive procedures. This plan does not require a dentist selection.

HumanaOne Dental Value plan
(C550 and HI215)

These dental prepaid plans have low copayments for many dental procedures and no waiting periods. Both plans require you to select a primary dentist.

HumanaOne Loyalty Plus Plan

This dental plan rewards members for loyalty by increasing benefits from years one to three, with increasing coverage on services like routine exams, root canals and crowns, a one-time deductible for as long as you are on the plan, and no copayments or waiting periods. You can go to the dentist you prefer with the comfort of knowing this plan pays the same percentage of the cost no matter which dentist you visit.

HumanaOne Simple Choice Plan

This dental plan is simple to understand with fixed costs for services and no deductibles. You are not required to select a dentist for enrollment, and you have the choice of the general dentist you prefer from over 170,000 providers in the HumanaOne Dental Simple Choice network.

Discount Plans

Dental Savings Plus Plan

This discount plan is not insurance but could save you 15-40% on many services including dental, vision, Rx, hearing or alternative medicine.

Vision Insurance Plan

HumanaOne Vision Insurance

Vision insurance with savings on eye exams, eyeglasses, and contacts.