Arizona Dental Insurance Plan: Insurance Preventive Plus
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Dental Preventive Plus in Arizona

If you’re looking for a dental PPO plan, this one is low-cost and provides coverage for preventive care, such as cleanings and X-rays, and discounts may be available on basic and major services.Plus, there are no copayments for office visits.

Preventive Plus Pricing

  • One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • Monthly Plan Fee (1 Person) $0.00
  • Admin. Fee (waived if you pay yearly) $1.00
  • Monthly Association Fee (PBA) $0.75
  • *Total Monthly Payment 1 $1.75
  • Update Pricing No. of people to be covered

*This plan has a minimum one year initial contract period.
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Summary of Benefits 2

  • Routine evaluation 100%
  • Routine cleaning 100%
  • X-rays 100%
  • Extractions 50 percent and you may get a discount on most major services% after deductible
  • Oral surgery 50 percent and you may get a discount on most major services% after deductible
  • Fillings 50 percent and you may get a discount on most major services% after deductible

2This is the amount covered with the Preventive Plus plan when visiting in-network providers.

Preventive Plus Benefits ProviderLinkView Preventive Plus Providers

With the Preventive Plus plan, you can choose to visit any dentist in our network. There are more than 130,000 dentist locations nationwide to choose from. Even though you have the option of paying monthly or yearly, this is a minimum one year initial contract period.

Plan features include:

  • No copayments for office visits
  • Annual Deductibles: $50 for an individual, $100 for a two person plan, $150 for a family
  • Most preventive services covered at 100 percent with in-network providers
  • With in-network providers, many basic services are covered 50 percent and you may get a discount on most major services
  • No waiting period for preventive services; six month wait for basic services. Basic services include fillings, extractions, oral surgery, palliative treatment/ pain relief, and recementation of crowns/ bridges/ inlays and onlays.
  • $1,000 annual maximum per person per year
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • Freedom to visit any provider, no primary care dentist required

Membership in the People’s Benefit Alliance (PBA) is required at additional cost (your $0.75 association fee covers this) in order to be eligible to apply for this plan. With your membership, you will receive discounts on health, travel, consumer, and business-related services, such as:

  • Fitness Programs- Puts benefits for healthier living within reach for you and your family
  • Vitamin Discounts- Offers discounts on an extensive selection of vitamins
  • Car Rental Discounts- Get great deals on car rentals

The association is a membership organization that provides educational information and discounts on goods and services to its members.

Keep in mind that any of our affordable dental care plans can be added to your medical plan and coverage is available for individuals and families. Plus, there is no underwriting, which means you will not be disqualified for pre-existing conditions.

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Cost Scenario

How much can you save with this plan? Take a look at what some common procedures can cost without insurance.

  • Average
    Cost 3

  • Routine Exam $26
  • Cleaning $50
  • X-rays $75
  • Total cost: $151

With this plan, here are your costs for the same services when you use a network provider:

  • Routine Exam $0
  • Cleaning $0
  • X-rays $0
  • Total cost: $0

You save a total of $151 with the HumanaOne Dental Preventive Plus4

3These average nationwide fees are based upon MillimanUSA data.
4Does not include cost of plan fee.
Examples are for illustration only. Actual savings may vary.