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Dental Preventive
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 Dental Savings
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Dental PPO insurance


Discount plan

Plan Details

All plans require a minimum one year initial contract period (excluding the Dental Savings Plus discount plan).
The Dental Savings Plus discount plan may not be combined with any other dental and/or vision coverage, insurance, or discount products and is not an insurance product.

  • Freedom to visit the dentist of your choice
  • Most in-network dental preventive services covered at 100%
  • Additional discounts may be available when visiting network dentists
  • Does not require a dentist selection for enrollment
  • 20-40 percent discount on many in-network dental services
  • This plan is not insurance
Medicare Advantage
Customers are not eligible
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  • One Time Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)


  • Monthly Plan Fee (1 person)


  • Admin Fee (waived if you pay yearly)


  • Monthly Association Fee


  • Total Monthly Payment


  • * When purchasing both dental and vision plans together (excluding Dental Savings Plus Plan) one enrollment fee will be waived.

Plan Features

Choice of Dentist
See any dentist, but save in-network

See any participating provider

Annual Plan Maximum Payment $1,000 N/A
Annual Deductible $50/person, up to $150/ family N/A
Services waiting Period 6 mos. for basic services  N/A
Effective Date
[assuming sign-up today]
5/1/2014  5/1/2014
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Basic services:

Basic services include fillings, extractions, oral surgery, palliative treatment/ pain relief, and recementation of crowns/ bridges/ inlays and onlays.

Are you a Humana Medicare member? If so, existing Humana Medicare Advantage customers are not eligible for the Dental Savings Plus Plan. Many of the discounts available through the Dental Savings Plus Plan may already be included in your Humana Medicare plan. Check your plan details to be sure.